Journée de la bonne humeur

Je me suis laissé dire que cette semaine on fêtera la journée du soleil ainsi que la journée mondiale du rire. Quelle bonne nouvelle ! Cette perspective me met en émoi, mon regard pétille et j’ai envie de faire de grands sourires à tout mon entourage. Suite...

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joseffa handmade in belgium
joseffa handmade from shirts

We recycle used shirts. We wash them, sort them, cut them and sew them, 

and propose them as lovely "new" nightwear.

joseffa fresh design

You would not recognize our shirts after their

radical transformation from formal men's shirts into 

casual ladies's nightwear. After all, that's what it takes


joseffa unique and original

Each piece produced by Joseffa is an original combination

of creatively assembled fabrics and details. Each piece is unique. 

Each piece makes you proud of wearing it.

joseffa sustainable world

5,000 litres of water, that's how much it takes to produce a new

cotton shirt, and that's how much we save together by reusing

and transforming men's shirts into ladies's nightwear

... one drop at a time!

handmade with love for our planet <3