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“A non-profit initiative founded in 2016, Global Fashion Agenda collaborates with a group of Strategic Partners on setting a common agenda for focused industry efforts on sustainability in fashion. Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world, but also one of the most resource and labour intensive. The environmental, social and ethical challenges the industry faces today are not only a threat to the planet, but also a threat to the industry itself. Therefore, there is no alternative, but for sustainability to become an integral part of any company’s business strategy.” (

Joseffa is a pioneer in efficient upcycling of post-consumer waste. We are very proud to partner with the Global Fashion Agenda and have engaged in 2 ambitious objectives to make an impact on how the industry produces and consumes fashion. 

Increasing the volume of used garments collected

By 2020, we will implement a shirt collection scheme through partnering with retailers, textile sorting and recycling plants, with the intention of sourcing at least 50% of the garments needed for production through this scheme.

Increasing the resale of used garments

We will develop our upcycling programme to double the volume of resold used garments by 2020. We will achieve this by doubling the number of sales points in Europe and creating partnerships with retailers.

handmade from shirts

handmade with love for our planet <3