Are you a committed actor (or a futur actor) of circular fashion as well? Let's get in touch and exchange!

Sibille is an experienced circular fashion designer, and passionate about innovating production techniques and processes. She is the founder of "Joseffa, live twice" and designs, tests and implements scalable upcycling processes. With her unique hands-on experience, she works on tailor-made circular solutions for textile waste of industrial partners. Especially sorting and cutting processes need to be re-thought to make the future of fashion truly circular. Sibille believes that working together on these bottlenecks, will allow and accelerate the shift towards circularity.

If you are curious about more pioneering circular fashion projects, please discover projects in which Sibille collaborates, consults, tests, and contributes:h

For any inquiries regarding a circular fashion project you may be working on, Sibille will be happy to share her experience. Please contact her directly at